William Gregory, Ph.D.

Craig Davis
President & CEO

Joel Weinstein

Joel Weinstein is a serial entrepreneur and an industry-recognized marketing and strategy “guru” in medical imaging and women’s health. He was a member of the founding management team of Hologic, Inc. and directed the strategies of that company’s first 12 years of meteoric growth. He has since served as a Founder of Assurance Medical, CEO of VueSonix Sensors, Andrew Technologies and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of women’s health pioneer BioSphere Medical.

Richard Piazza

Richard is a serial healthcare CEO who has been involved in entrepreneurial concerns for more than thirty years. He has raised more than $120MM in institutional and angel capital, and has run device, biotech, and provider companies. Richard is the former CEO of Vital Therapies (NASD: VTL) and led the successful divestiture of SoloPak Pharmaceuticals for Smith & Nephew. Mr. Piazza has a close relationship with M.D. Anderson and a deep network across the global oncological community.

Tsuri Bernstein

Tsur spent 28 years in the diagnostic imaging industry, initially at Elscint (Israel) and then at GE Healthcare, in roles in engineering, marketing, academic relations and intellectual property. Tsur has a BSc degree in Physics from the Hebrew University, Israel; a MSc in Chemistry from the Technion, Haifa, Israel; and a PhD in Physics from MIT.

Phil Weinfurt

Phil Weinfurt, Ph.D. is a biomedical engineer with more than thirty years experience in productization of research concepts. Phil held leadership roles in Marquette Medical Systems and General Electric Healthcare.

Richard Bauch

Richard Bauch is a highly experienced business person with a lengthy track record of value creation. Most recently, Rick was President of Boskosil Foods Group. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bauch held financial analyst roles at Kraft and Peoples Energy. Rick is on the Board of Docaseal Companies. He holds BBA and MBA degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

Greg Kapust
Business Advisor

Greg is a highly accomplished medtech executive who has held senior roles, including two CEO roles, in companies that have achieved over $875MM liquidity on less than $135MM invested. Mr. Kapust has deep experience in all aspects of medtech value creation and has attracted capital from industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson as well as leading venture firms. He has broad relationships across the medical community.